2024 NSW Conference Business Meeting Chair
Tuesday 28th of November 2023


Just a heads up that according to AACE Conference Procedures, the NCC must appoint a Chair for the 2024 NSW Conference Business Meeting before the end of 2023.

This appointment will be discussed at the next NCC Meeting on 28th November (see link at: www.christadelphiansaustralia.org.au/calendar).

Wayne Levick (Conference Chairman) has indicated that he is happy to volunteer as the Chair for the Conference Business Meeting. He also indicated that there shouldn't be any issue with the timetable in the attached document.

See attachment of the AACE Conference Business Meeting Procedures

Extract for the "Appointment of Chairman"

1.1 The host ecclesias shall appoint the Chairman of the Business Meeting at least six months prior to the Conference and advise ecclesias of such appointment. [13th Jan 2024, assuming business meeting held on Saturday 13th July 2024]

1.2 The chairman should be fully involved in the development of the agenda and be kept informed about all the issues involved, so that, without bias, he will be able to control the discussion and isolate important considerations for and against the proposals.

1.3 The Chairman shall not have a vote.

1.4 Dissent from the ruling of the Chairman may only be permitted by a resolution of the meeting.

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