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Ecclesia Blue Mountains
Address Mulgoa Hall, 349 Littlefields Road, Mulgoa 2745
Email bluemountains@aace.info
Website https://www.bluemountainschristadelphians.info/
Midweek class at 7:30pm
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 863 324 6135
Passcode: BMCEHub2!4
Memorial meeting @ 11:15am at Mulgoa Hall
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 863 324 6135
Passcode: BMCEHub2!4

All classes are available via these Zoom links. The links do not change.

Mulgoa Hall is the venue for our Bible Class (Wed @ 8pm), Sunday School (Sun @ 9:30am), Memorial Meeting (Sun @ 11:15am) and afternoon lectures and first principles/prophesy talks (Sun @ 2:30pm after our bring-and-share lunch). Please contact the Ecclesial Secretary bluemountains@aace.info if you plan to attend.

Last Updated: 01:37 PM 07-12-2022

Ecclesia Boolaroo
Address 14 Fifth Street, Boolaroo 2284
Email boolaroo@aace.info

Can accommodate a small number of visitors.

Last Updated: 10:24 AM 06-08-2023

Ecclesia Cabramatta
Address 101 Lime Street, Cabramatta 2166
Email cabramatta@aace.info
Website https://www.cabramattachristadelphians.com/

Sunday School 9:30am (in hall)

Memorial Meeting  11:15am (in hall).

Public Address 7pm Sunday

Bible Class 8pm Wednesday.


Meeting ID: 961 898 0770 password 1948.

Last Updated: 01:32 PM 15-10-2023

Ecclesia Camden
Address Hassall Street, Elderslie 2570
Email recorder@camdence.org
Website https://www.camdence.org


Sunday School: 9:15am Sunday.  

Memorial Meeting: 11:00am Sunday

Wednesday Bible Class: 8:00pm

Address: 6b Hassall Street, Elderslie NSW 2570

Postal: PO Box 7028, Mount Annan NSW 2567

Email: recorder@camdence.org    Web: www.camdence.org

Camden Live: www.cilmeet.me/camden/live
(room key 2178) - For both Memorial Meeting and Mid Week Bible Class.

Last Updated: 07:07 PM 02-07-2023

Ecclesia Campsie
Address 406 Beamish Street, Campsie 2194
Email campsie@aace.info
Phone 0418 658 596

Sunday Memorial meetings begin June 17

In recess July 5, 12, 19     Aug 9   Sept 27    Oct 4,11   Nov 15   Dec 20,27

We have 12 members and 5 children  - The Hall is able to accomodate 28-30 people maintaining the 4 sqm protocol

Last Updated: 08:28 PM 28-06-2020

Ecclesia Castle Hill
Address 245 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill 2154
Email castlehill@aace.info
Website https://ch.org.au/

Sunday School 9:15am during school terms

Memorial Meeting Sunday 11:00am.  Online via www.ch.org.au

Bible Class Wednesday 8:00pm during school terms. Online via www.ch.org.au

Last Updated: 10:35 AM 06-08-2023

Ecclesia Charlestown
Address 38 Ridley Street, Charlestown 2290
Email charlestown@aace.info
Website https://www.chooseyoureternity.com.au

Remaining open

Zoom Meeting Link: 11.00am Memorial Meeting

During the current health crisis restrictions, Charlestown Christadelphians are exploring ways to enhance the experience for members and guests online. To start the Zoom process, click on the link above and follow the directions provided in an email. If you experience any difficulties in connecting or want to report any issues with the Zoom connection, please contact the Secretary by email: charlestown38@gmail.com

The live-stream uses a password that can be obtained by email to charlestown38@gmail.com  We ask that this password is not disseminated outside of the Christadelphian community.

If on the live-stream for our Sunday Memorial Meeting, please notify our roll-keeper by email to admin@medicsforlife.com.au so we can record your attendance as visitors or members.

Last Updated: 10:39 AM 17-12-2021

Ecclesia Coffs Harbour
Address 36 Bonville Station Road, Bonville 2450
Email russelldowns@hotmail.com
Phone +61266581812
Website https://www.coffschristadelphians.org/index.php


Open and would welcome visitors

Last Updated: 10:26 AM 06-08-2023

Ecclesia Doonside
Address 15 Coghlan Street, Doonside 2767
Email doonside@aace.info


Doonside would welcome visitors. Please contact Doonside Christadelpian Ecclesia, PO Box 28, Doonside NSW 2767 -or- DoonsideChristadelphians@gmail.com for more details.

Last Updated: 05:12 PM 16-08-2023

Ecclesia Gosford
Address 26 Pacific Highway, Ourimbah 2258
Email gosfordsecretary@gmail.com


Memorial Meeting 

Meeting ID: 634 068 704

Bible Class

Meeting ID: 814 2137 3471

Last Updated: 10:36 AM 06-08-2023

Ecclesia Hunter Valley
Address Dora Creek Community Hall, 2 Doree Place, Dora Creek 2264
Email secretary@hve.org.au
Phone 0460641412
Website https://hve.org.au/

We are at the Dora Creek Community Hall at 2 Doree Place, Dora Creek.

Last Updated: 10:28 AM 06-08-2023

Ecclesia Hurstville District
Address 1 Myall St, Oatley 2223
Email hurstville@aace.info
Website https://www.livingtruth.info

Visitors may stream in to Hurstville memorial meetings by clicking on the link below. Chek that the "stream" button has been highlighted. Add your name when asked (for announcement and recording).


Visitors may Zoom in for Bible class on Wednesdays at 8.00 and Women's Bible class second Fridays at 10.30

If required, the Hurstville Meeting ID is 876 9718 9235 and the passcode is 1112.


Last Updated: 05:31 PM 27-11-2022

Ecclesia Lakemba Christadelphians
Address 232 Lakemba Street, Lakemba 2195
Email recorder@lakembachristadelphians.org.au
Website https://www.lakembachristadelphians.org.au

Lakemba Ecclesia Details

  1. Meeting starts at 11:00 AM (10:00 AM during Summer Holiday period)
  2. We are limited to 50 people and so we have lots of space to accomodate visitors, who are more than welcome.
  3. We may zoom in on exhorts rather than having face to face presentations.

 Address: 232 Lakemba Street, Lakemba

Any questions contact the Recorder by Email: recorder@lakembachristadelphians.org.au

The Arranging Brethren's Zoom meeting details are:

Click this link: cilmeet.me/lakemba/committee

Room Access Key: lakemba

Unblock any pop-ups for this link / URL.  Click on the centre “Meet” box. Type the Room Key of "lakemba" into the centre CILMEET window.  Click on the “Let me in!” button or press Enter.

Last Updated: 10:29 AM 06-08-2023

Ecclesia Moorebank
Address Newbridge Heights School, Lewin Crescent, Moorebank 2170
Email moorebank@aace.info

Memorial Meetings are held most Sundays at:

Newbridge Heights Public School

Lewin Cres,

Chipping Norton

Join our Zoom Meeting each Sunday at 11am: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84418258219?pwd=Zkw0cmJyMnlKZ0Zsd2dmSTcyZVh5UT09

  • Alternatively the Meeting ID is: 844 1825 8219   with a Passcode of: God
Here is a link to a Youtube channel that has posts of past meeting exhortations and more. www.youtube.com/@ChristadelphianBibleTalks 

For more info, please contact the Recorder:  Bro David Zammit on 0418 278 435

Last Updated: 03:05 PM 26-02-2024

Ecclesia Punchbowl
Address 100 Highclere Avenue, Punchbowl 2196
Email punchbowlecclesia@gmail.com
Website https://punchbowlchristadelphians.org.au

Live streaming - on Google Meet at bit.ly/punchystream for all meetings that are video streamed (alternatively link https://meet.google.com/nea-rvoa-rix?pli=1)

For audio phone in access:
  • 03 8594 8467
  • Pin:  852 379 329#
Last Updated: 02:22 PM 15-03-2023

Ecclesia Riverwood
Address 265 Bonds Road, Riverwood 2210
Email riverwood@aace.info
Website https://www.riverwoodce.com.au/

Sunday - Memorial Meeting 11am, (10am over Summer Holidays),  Bible Seminar 6pm,       Bible Class Wednesdays 8pm

All meetings are being streamed on YouTube Live.

Meeting times are shown on the Riverwood website.

Last Updated: 09:47 PM 21-03-2023

Ecclesia Shaftesbury Road
Address 86A Shaftesbury Road (cnr Paisley Road), Burwood 2134
Email shaftesburyrd@aace.info
Phone 0421 357 392
Website https://bridgetothebible.com/

Zoom:  Click on link https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7798634840
Video streaming:  Click on link https://www.cdevents.net/view/shaftes
Phone dial-in:  Call 02 8015 6011. Then enter 7798634840#. When prompted for participant id, press # again.

Sunday  -  Sunday School  -  9.20am  -  AT HALL
Sunday  -  Memorial Meeting  -  11am  -  AT HALL and ONLINE: Zoom, video streaming, dial-in - breakout rooms at end of the meeting
Sunday  -  Spoken English Class  -  6pm  -  AT HALL and ONLINE: Zoom, dial-in
Wednesday  -  Bible Friendship Group  -  10.30am  -  ONLINE: Zoom, dial-in
Wednesday  -  Bible Class  -  7.30pm  -  ONLINE: Zoom, video streaming, dial-in

Please check Openings and Closures forum particulary for the summer holiday period..

Last Updated: 10:17 PM 08-12-2023

Ecclesia South Coast
Address Private homes, Mollymook 2539
Email margvr@me.com

Meetings being held in private homes and via Zoom.

Bible Study Class normally occurs each Wednesday morning at 10:15am

  • Wednesday Bible Class at 10:30am: Zoom Meeting Link
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 803 685 1298
    Passcode: marg
Please remember we open the meeting at about 10:15am Sydney Australia EST to check that all who wish to join can do so.
And the start of the Presentation is about 10:30am.
Please make contact if you would like to be placed on the mailing list and have access to a large store of content; audio and video meetings.
Love in the Hope we Share
Last Updated: 10:58 AM 27-05-2024

Ecclesia Southern Highlands
Address Loseby Park Community Hall, Corner Park Road and Sheffield Street, Bowral 2576
Email southernhighlands.ecclesia@gmail.com
Phone 0418185933

Meetings held at Loseby Park Community Hall but once a month we may be closed. Best to contact southernhighlands.ecclesia@gmail.com

Last Updated: 10:32 AM 06-08-2023

Ecclesia Southlakes Christadelphian Ecclesia
Address Cooranbong Community Hall, 614 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong 2265
Email southlakeschristadelphians@gmail.com
Phone 0473082367
Website No Website Currently

If the Lord will, our plans for 2023 are as follows:

2023 Sunday Activities

Sunday School  - 9:15am Start Time (during school terms only)

Memorial Meetings  - 11am Start time
(except the following dates due to School Holidays or special events - 29 Jan, 12 Mar, 9 Apr, 16 Apr, 23 Apr, 21 May, 11 Jun, 25 Jun, 2 Jun, 9 Jun, 15 Jun, 16 Jul, 27 Aug, 24 Sep, 1 Oct, 8 Oct, 10 Dec, 17 Dec, 24 Dec, 31 Dec - For details on these dates please email directly)

Ecclesial Lunch and Bible Spotlight Seminar  - 2pm Seminar Start time (various dates - please email directly for more details)

Southies Young Peoples Class  -After the meeting most fortnights (Please email if more details are required)

2023 Wednesday Evening Activities

Regular Bible Class  - 7:30pm in homes 

Monthly Combined Bible Class  - 7:30pm at Morisset Multi Purpose Centre

(Please email if more details are required)

2023 Special Events

- Ecclesial Study weekend 11-12 February

- Ecclesial Camp 11-12 March

- Praise Evening 2 April

- Bonfire Evening 30 July

- Thanksgiving Lunch 22 Oct

- Sunday School Prizegiving 18th Dec

Last Updated: 08:48 AM 15-12-2022

Ecclesia Sutherland
Address 77 Acacia Road North, (between Waratah and Clio Streets), Kirrawee 2232
Email sutherland@aace.info
Website https://www.sutherlandchristadelphians.org


The Zoom link for our meetings is: cilmeet.me/sutherland/live with a Room Key of: sutho

  • Unblock any pop-ups for this link / URL. Click on the centre “Meet” box. Type the Room Key “sutho” into the centred CILMEET window. Click on the “Let me in!” button.
  • If you experience any issues connecting, please contact someone at the hall or send an email to sutho.christos@gmail.com

HALL Entry information:

  • Please don't attend the hall if you are unwell or have flu like symptoms.

 Sunday School 9.30am

  • please bring morning tea to share
  • bring your bibles

Sunday Memorial Meeting 11am (including zoom online)

  • Doorkeeper is to complete the roll including capturing details of all visitors, issue mats, distribute emblems and provide the reading.
  • A Zoom video conferencing service is usually available to those who are not able to attend in person or are sick. Sutherland is part of the Christadelphian Isolation League service.

Additional information:

Last Updated: 06:39 PM 10-06-2024

Ecclesia The Watagans Ecclesia
Address 200 Gimberts Road, Morisset 2264
Email thewatagans@aace.info
Phone 0411796309
Website https://www.edenbec.com/

We are a small meeting so if you plan on visiting then probably best to contact Simon Peel to ensure services are still going ahead.

Last Updated: 08:54 PM 26-06-2023

Ecclesia West Ryde
Address 4 Maxim Street, West Ryde 2114
Email west_ryde_ecclesia@hotmail.com

West Ryde Sunday Meeting at 11am

Meeting ID: 860 651 669
Passcode: 004042

Wednesday night at 7:30pm
Meeting ID: 816 3179 6630. 
Passcode: 973157
Last Updated: 12:26 PM 17-07-2022

Ecclesia Wollongong
Address 120 Railway Street , Corrimal 2518
Email austarman@yahoo.com
Phone 0414918258
Website https://www.facebook.com/Wollongong-Christadelphian-Ecclesia-2012950052364817/

We are open and would welcome visitors. 

Last Updated: 10:33 AM 06-08-2023

Ecclesia Yagoona
Address 19 Worland Street, Yagoona 2199
Email yagoona@aace.info
Phone 0447981105
Website https://yagoonachristadelphians.com/

Wednesday Bible Class 8:00pm

Sunday School 9:15am

Memorial Meeting 11:15am SYD- This remains operational at the same time during the Dec22/Jan 23 School Holidays.

Wednesday Bible class, Bible seminars will be in recess from 5th December 2022.

Sunday School is in Recess from  the 18trh of December 2022.

All classes resume normal pattern from from the last Sunday of January 2023- Being the 29/01/2023

Other Details

Accessing Zoom via the internet.
Please click on the following (URL} link -
Meeting ID: 456 882 8534 (Meeting Room ID)
Password: 7VFLTv

Accessing Zoom audio via the telephone.

  1. Dial-  (02) 8015 6011
  2. Meeting ID: 456 882 8534#
  3. # again
  4. Passcode: 465950#

Alternatively, One tap mobile

The local telephone number for your state or country can be found on the following link:

Last Updated: 08:41 PM 28-11-2022

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