New South Wales

Next Combined Memorial Meeting
5th May 2024

2024 NSW Conference @ Newcastle 
6th to 13th July

what is the NCC


The New South Wales Christadelphian Committee (NCC) consists of the Recorders or Secretaries of ecclesias in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory which endorse the Australian Christadelphian Unity Basis of Fellowship. The NCC committee generally meets three times a year. It works directly and through its sub-committees to initiate, oversee and support coordinated ecclesial activities, encouragement for ecclesial spiritual growth, and the interchange of spiritual ideas and matters of common interest.


Our community relies on the contributions of volunteers, ranging from the informal contact which supports the network of our fellowship to the formal roles undertaken by appointed members. The enthusiasm, care and diversity in interests and direction, as represented in the work of the main Committee and its associated sub committees, has been beneficial to brothers, sisters and young people, not just in NSW and the ACT, but well beyond the confines of our focus geographic areas.
Consider involvement in the many NCC sub committees.


Voluntary acts of service are applied to support regular activities, events and approaches which both serve and strengthen our  Christadelphian community in NSW and the ACT. The extent of this work may only be recognised by those who directly benefit or are involved in these activities. All of the work of the NCC is done in the knowledge that our Heavenly Father provides all things, and in the expectation that His Son will shortly return to our world to directly rule over it in peace. May the day soon come on which this hope is fulfilled.

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